Silent but Deadly - Every Woman Should know the Warning signs of Ovarian Cancer.

Ovarian cancer is a frightening and potentially lethal cancer that effects women, especially older women. It’s one of the more common cancers, as well—in 2012, 152,000 women died from ovarian cancer. One of the most frightening aspects about ovarian cancer is that it often has no symptoms early on—yet early detection is important, because if you catch it early enough, doctors have a very high success rate at treating you. While there is no “magic bullet” symptom, there are some common symptoms that you should look for. If these symptoms don’t have an obvious cause, going to see your doctor is probably a very good idea.

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Back pain

There are obviously many possible sources for back pain, including simple muscle sprains and arthritis. However, if you have back pain that begins to worsen over time, and you simply cannot find a cause, it could be an early warning sign for ovarian cancer. At the very least, if there’s no obvious external source for it, you should have it checked out by a medical professional.