Your Sleeping Positions Reveal All Your Secrets and Traits About Your Personality

One of the most revealing things about a person is the way they hold their body--their posture and stance can end up telling the world a lot about their personality and life views. When you're awake, you're at least somewhat in control of how you present yourself to the world, but your subconscious takes over when you're asleep, revealing deep inner truths about you to anyone watching. If you end up in the same posture every night, consistently, that tells a lot about you. Here are some common sleeping positions, and what they might indicate.

#1 - Gripping Something Tightly

If you find yourself needing to hug something to fall to sleep, this is you. You can't nod off without a pillow or a teddy bear tightly in your arms. This could mean you're a very trusting person, and open to others--so open, in fact, that it leaves you vulnerable. Your friends consider you highly trustworthy and know that you'll always be there for them--whether they want you to be or not!

#2 - Freefall Position

Are you the kind of person who sleeps on their stomach, hands firmly slipped underneath or on the sides of the pillow? This indicates that, while you're a sensitive person, you're still generally welcoming. You're warm and generous, and always willing to listen to new people and new ideas.

#3 - Sleeping like a straight board a.k.a soldier style

Do you end up flat on your back at night, stretched out as far as you can go? That probably means you're quiet, reserved, and a bit of a perfectionist. You've got an inner confidence and self-awareness--confidence and high self-esteem are your buzzwords. You're not the most outgoing person in the world, but that's just because you're confident in your own self.

#4 - Side logger

If you sleep ramrod straight on your side, you're probably a calm person--no tossing and turning for you! The world rolls off your back more than other people, and it reveals itself in your personality by making you outgoing and charismatic. You're very trusting, and always a fun person to talk to.

#5 - Fetal Position

The fetal position is a classic subconscious sign that you're trying to protect yourself--with your knees tucked in tight, you're shielding yourself from the outside world. You're a sensitive soul, shy and timid out in public. You're the classic introvert.

#6 - Constant Snoring

Snorers are grouchy, irritated and easy to anger. This could well be because snoring means you're not actually sleeping all that well. Maybe your snoring is keeping you up--or maybe it's waking up your significant other, who then makes their displeasure quite clear. Try a nasal strip!

#7 - Starfish

The starfish is the position loathed by people sharing beds everywhere--arms and legs are splayed out all over the place, taking up as much space as possible. This usually means you're a little cautious and shy when meeting new people, but once they get past that tough outer shell, you're open and loyal; a great friend.

#8 - The yearner

This is a weird name for a position, but it makes sense when you think about it--you're lying on your side, but rather than your arms being by your sides, they're held out in front of you. It's like you're asking for something. Strangely, it seems to signify the opposite type of personality--yearners are often more cynical than most people, slow to trust and only giving it when it's really earned.