The Difference How Men vs Women Handle and React to Everyday Things

There are a lot of differences between men and women. While women go on a shopping-spree online at zalando/lazada or out with their friends to search for the newest shoe-collection from Manolo Blahnik and GUCCI, or the newest handbags from a Louis Vuitton sale, Men might rather stay at home and play with their gadgets freshly delivered from a trendy Internet-shop, or play video games all day (and night) with their buddies.

#1 - Bathroom Products
Obviously women have way more beauty products than men and perhaps because of that cleaning it up nicely to a box and hiding it out of sight often becomes a problem. Men on the other hand have just few products that can easily be organized.

#2 - Public restrooms
You know how women always go to toilets in pairs if given the chance. Then spend 30 minutes gossiping. Men on the other hand quickly run in and if they need to use the urinal, do everything possible thing to avoid close proximity and any conversation. Things might change when intoxicated.

#3 - Exiting the friendzone
While women have no problems just walking away from unwanted friendzone position (if it's even possibler to begin with), men however rarely make it out alive. Exiting the terrifying Friendzone for men is more like the popular HBO series "Prison Break".

#4 - Shoes
OH, this one is a classic. Women love their shoes and can never get enough. Men however often have just one pair, that they keep using until there is literally no shoe left to use. Yes there are exceptions, but those rather solidify the rule.

#5 - Taking a Vacation
It takes days for women to pack their belongings to a coffin sized suitcase when planning for a week long vacation. Men on the other hand are quite ready to go with just some money and a passport.

#6 - Breaking a nail
When a woman breaks a nail, all hell brakes loose. It is the dawn of the apocalypse, the beginning of the end. When the same thing happens to a guy, the reaction is a lot less dramatic.

#7 - Haircuts
You know when a woman goes to the hairdresser for a new look, nothing much changes, but it takes hours and costs an arm and a leg. When men do the same, it's about 20 bucks and the results are definitely noticeable.

#8 - Cold
You know when a woman catches a cold, she will still go to work and battle it out with a cup of tea. When a man catches a cold, things are quite the opposite. He will surely skip work, stay in bed for the entire day and most likely ask comfort from the wife, when she gets back from work.

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