Kids Cry Over the Most Ridiculous Things

By the time we become adults, most of us have a fairly firm grip on proper emotional responses to things--when to laugh, when to cry, and so on. We know what to expect. Kids, however, don't have that context. Sometimes, even the most simple and mundane things can get a kid to burst into tears. It's ridiculous, goofy and silly. Here are ten of my favorite examples.

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Her Brother Joined Her for Breakfast

Her Brother Joined Her for Breakfast

Little kids certainly don't like sharing. It's one thing, however, to not want to share a toy or a chair or something. It's quite another to declare the entire dining room table to be off-limits to others!

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He Met Iron Man...Out of Costume

To be entirely fair, though, he didn't meet Iron Man out of character. I'm pretty sure Robert Downey Jr. just is Tony Stark now, all the time, everywhere. Would a plastic mask have killed you, Robert?

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He Doesn't Want to Go...Nowhere

It's one thing to not want to go somewhere. Heck, I sometimes feel like crying when I have to go somewhere, even if I know I'll enjoy it when I get there. But to cry over the very concept of leaving, even when you've told him you're not going anywhere? This kid is crying on a much deeper level than I'm working on.

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He Ate All the Muffins

OK, this is entirely reasonable. You've never eaten the last muffin and wished you had more? It doesn't matter if you're the only one who has been eating them; they were good! Now you want more muffins! How dare past you deny present you a muffin!

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He Met Bill Murray

To be fair, it doesn't look like that kid has ever seen Ghostbusters or Caddyshack or anything. Sit that kid down in front of some classics before taking him to meet one of our greatest living actors, why don't you?

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She Met the President

I'm beginning to think kids don't spend 100% of their time learning who all possible celebrities are. How dare they? If you're going to throw a fit, the White House is pretty much the fanciest place you can do it, so this kid is clearly going places.

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Microwave Ate His Lunch

You put the food he was going to eat in some kind of loud, whirring lightbox? Who knows if he'll ever see it again! It could be gone forever. How could you take his lunch away like that...oh wait, there it is. Crisis averted. But still!

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Wouldn't Let Her Wipe Your Butt

"Personal space" is another concept kids don't quite seem to grasp. When I have kids of my own, I'm investing in a lock or twelve, I think. That's the REAL definition of "babyproofing", if you ask me.

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The Muffins Didn't Come Out of the Oven Cold

This kid might not be throwing a fit--he might be dreaming up an invention that will make him millions of dollars one day! Maybe he'll invent something that can finish cooking things, but without applying heat; that way, instant proper-temperature foods could be yours! This could be the next Edison over here.

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She Found Out You're Not Just "Mum"

If you're not "Mum" all the time, that means you're not exactly who she thought you were! If she's wrong about that, what ELSE could she be wrong about? You're tearing down her whole worldview here! Crisis! Crisis!