This Man Wins Halloween's Costume Of The Year and The Dad Of The Year Award

This Dad creates a costume his son can wear with him. He wins Halloween's most creative Dad award this year.

#1 - A Costume for Two

During Halloween some people buy brand new shiny costumes while others make their own. This Dad wanted to make a costume he could wear with his son so he got his creative juices flowing.

#2 - A Little Pipe and Board

Ryan started creating this impressive costume using card board and pvc pipe. His wife Imgur user PutaBowOnIt shared the creative process from beginning to end.

#3 - A Game From the Past

Ryan came up with the idea when he was inspired from a computer game he used to play.

#4 - Painting Changes Everything

With a little spray paint the cardboard starts to transform into some sort of futuristic metal.

#5 - Having a Baby Helped

The cardboard boxes were courtesy of his son Geraint getting lots of baby stuff in the mail. Amazon and other baby stores provided the boxes needed.

#6 - Tying it Together

The PVC and cardboard is all tied together with zip ties and foam board was added where he thought the costume needed to look 3-D

#7 - Just Add the Baby

With the addition of Geraint and the top of the costume complete it looks like the baby is steering the machine as it moves around.

#8 - Perfect for Two

The top fits over Ryan's head and allows him to spend quality time with his son as they move around in the huge costume.

#9 - Attention to Detail

The costume is truly remarkable with the spray pain and attention to detail. It gives a great image as it moves towards you.

#10 - The Man Within

The feet fit over Ryan's shoes and his arms fit into the gun pods. The legs are supported by a hidden belt and the head is attached by Velcro. This is truly an amazing costume for father and son to wear together.

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