Children who’ve managed to fail spectacularly at hide and seek

Hide and seek is a game that doesn’t require much skill, right? Wrong. There are children out there who manage to fail spectacularly at this well-loved game, even though the rules are super easy. Still, their attempts at hiding are adorable, and most of us were probably guilty of this ourselves at their age!

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If I can’t see you, you definitely can’t see me

If I can’t see you, you definitely can’t see me

Close your eyes and it isn’t happening, right? Wrong, little lady. With curtains as sheer as that, even the most skilled hide and seek player would struggle to stay hidden.

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I think the cupboard’s growing legs, dear

Remember that all-time Disney classic, "Beauty and the Beast"? The one with the enchanted ornaments and furniture that comforted Belle as the Beast held her hostage? Maybe this little one drew their inspiration from the film and decided to disguise herself as a kitchen counter door.

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So close, yet so far

Now, that’s a pretty sizeable bucket, which means all it would’ve taken for this little rascal to succeed was curling up into a ball. Looks like he got tired and decided to lie down halfway through.

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Blending in with the stuffed toys

Let’s face it, there’s a little ingenuity behind this kid’s disguise! With a little forethought, he decided to swaddle himself in a blanket as bright as his teddies and blend in with them. Unfortunately, his incredibly human hands got in the way.

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This one’s head is less pliable than he first thought

Life is hard when your head isn’t small enough to fit under a TV stand. Even if he did manage to squeeze it under, those cute pajamas are a dead giveaway.

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If only her legs were blue and made of flannelling

You know you’ve run out of time quickly when you decide to hide behind daddy’s dressing gown. Sadly, the contrast between blue flannelling and a kid’s peachy legs is just too great for it to work.

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You haven’t gotten on the wrong side of Henry VIII, have you?

Few of us could deny we would be absolutely terrified at seeing a kid’s floating head behind a toilet cistern. Ten out of ten for effort on this one!

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Maybe he’ll get a career as a contortionist

His hiding skills are definitely lacking, but squeezing into such a small space does show an aptitude for contortion skills. If going to school doesn’t work out for this kid, the circus will always be an option.

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And the Lord said….

In the absence of a bulb-shaped head and a body resembling a carefully crafted mahogany stick, this was never going to work. It could, however, make for a great lazy Halloween costume when October 31st comes around.

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Mirror, mirror on the wall

Who’s the worst at hiding of them all? Great sofa usage, but unless you’re a vampire, the mirror was always going to betray you.

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Tracking the sun’s placement is the key to success

The same goes for shadows! Sadly, that lack of vampire-like tendencies has let this little one down too.

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Maybe if I make myself vaguely resemble a turtle, they’ll mistake me for a stuffed toy

Nobody can deny just how cute this attempt at hide and seek is! In fact, a few large stuffed toys and she might’ve got away with it.

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All kids love boxes

Do you remember ditching your expensive Christmas presents in favor of a box while your parents looked on in dismay? Looks like this kid is a big box fan too.

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Blending into the foreground

While the clothes blend in with the pole to a degree, it isn’t quite far enough to hide this one. At least he gave it a go.

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Has my rug grown legs?

That rug must be incredibly small to suck at hiding such a little person. Either that or the young man has turned into Cousin It.

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Maybe if I stay still, they’ll mistake me for a stone

Who knows what this little lady was thinking when she chose the world’s least effective hiding place. Still, at least her parents know they can fit her into their luggage.