Amazing Water Color Tattoos That Will Inspire You To Get Inked

Unfortunately Tattoos seem to have a bad reputation for being solemn and gothic-looking. But who knew there's a whole array of beautifully fresh, vibrantly colorful designs out there? You can get one of these air-brushed onto your skin and if you like it, you can always make it more permanent.

1 / 10


This beautiful hummingbird.
Dynamic and cute, and fits right onto your shoulder blade. A beautiful way to show off your shoulders in the spring.

2 / 10

These bold little wings for those with a bit of an alter-ego.
You didn't make it to Victoria's Secret, but these wings will most definitely make you an ink-angel.

3 / 10

This mystic and somehow spiritual tree.
Grounded, down-to-earth, and amazingly delicate design. With a tattoo like this, you should always wear a backless dress.

4 / 10

This shockingly bright fox.
A shock of color between your shoulder blades that suddenly take the shape of an elusive and artful little fox.

5 / 10

This exotic purple feather-looking thing.
Simple, sharp, and sophisticated. If you're looking for something subtle, yet not so boring, this is the perfect design.

6 / 10

The classic quote and butterflies.
Everyone knows you can't go wrong with butterflies. Add in a thoughtful phrase, and you've got yourself the most traditional tattoo ever.

7 / 10

This cute blue elephant.
Whether you've been to Thailand or not, this is a bold, quirky little design in a bright sky-blue hue. We're pretty sure it wouldn't opt out a teaching career either.

8 / 10

This halter-bow-tie design.
This is kind of like a disguise-based design because it could be a tattoo or the back of a frilly dress- very creative and colorful.

9 / 10

… umm, do we need to say anything other than Phoenix.
This is great for a whole array of nerds- from Harry Potter to X-Men, the Phoenix will always be a symbol of awe and beauty.

10 / 10

A multi-colored, winged horse.
There are so many things right with this design, I can't even contain myself. Bold and bright across your shoulders, flexing its wings as you shrug your shoulders, and dynamically powerful.