These Truly Disturbing Photographs Will make You Question Everything

Warning: these images are not for the faint of heart. These photos are of some of the creepiest things you will ever see. Some of the photographs themselves are mysterious and unexplainable. Others show horrible people, or people who were about to have horrible things happen to them. Any way you slice it, these are some photos who might make your skin crawl.

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Mysterious Figures at the Grand Canyon

Mysterious Figures at the Grand Canyon

Starting off with something a bit more benign. These tourists went to the Grand Canyon, and took your usual allotment of vacation photos. They didn't realize until they got their photos developed that they weren't alone.

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John Wayne Gacy

Would you let this clown into your home? John Wayne Gacy, better known as the "Killer Clown", murdered at least 33 people over six years, all while volunteering in his community as a clown for children's parties.

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Teresca's Home Drawing

Teresca here grew up in a concentration camp, and was later transferred to a mental institution. One day, the staff asked her to draw her home on the blackboard. Instead, she created this odd drawing.

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Robert Lansberg's Last Photo

Robert Lansberg loved hiking an visiting the volcanoes around Mt. St. Helens. On May 18th, 1980, Lansberg was on the mountain when it erupted, taking photos all the time. He threw his body on his camera to protect it before he was overcome, and his pictures survive.

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Shell Shock

Don't mistake this man's grin as a sign of happiness. He's suffering from an advanced case of shell shock--or, as we might term it today, a combat stress reaction. The thousand-yard stare he has going on was sadly all too common among World War I vets.

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Moro Rock Electricity

This image shows Michael and Sam McQuilken, climbing Moro Rock in California. They were amused when they found their hair standing on end, but that amusement soon turned to horror--the electricity was the sign of an impending lightning strike, and they suffered severe burns. Fortunately, both survived to tell the tale.

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Christopher McCandless

Chris McCandless was a hiker and traveler, hoping to live simply off the land, the way people used to. McCandless was unprepared, however, entering the wilderness with insufficient supplies and equipment. He ended up trapped in the wilderness, dying of starvation after 113 or so days,

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Evelyn McHale

Evelyn McHale leaped to her death from the Empire State Building in 1947, impacting on a United Nations limousine parked 86 stories below. Life Magazine ran this photo, and it has become known as the "most beautiful suicide".

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Dead Woman On Display

The man in this photograph was doing just fine, but the woman here had reportedly died two days prior. Post-mortem photography was a common part of culture in the late 19th and early 20th century; a grieving family would commission a photograph of their loved one to be taken before burying them.