17 year old with Cancer teaches a valuable lesson after losing her hair

We start fretting about our looks from a very young age. Today little girls are seen worrying too much about the way they look and are often heard complaining about their physique and features. The fashion industry and movies have set the standards too high, don’t you think?

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Unfortunate turn of events

Unfortunate turn of events

While everyone else was in the rat race to becoming their most gorgeous self, a 17- year old from Texas had a different message for the desperate young people out there. Andrea Sierra Salazar was a bubbly and energetic teenager, but things took an unfortunate turn when she was diagnosed with stage 2 nodular sclerosis Hodgkin lymphoma.

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She had to undergo several sessions of chemotherapy and slowly the side-effects were showing on her. She had lost all her hair, and this made her self-conscious, and she started withdrawing herself from everyone around her; for a long time she thought that her looks defined who she was. And finally, it was her mom who persuaded her to start modelling to take her mind of her sickness and to help her get back her confidence.

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Before confidence

Her mother approached several agencies, and the shoots began, but she was wearing her wig at all times. And then one day Andrea decided that she would not let her external appearance dictate who she was and so she decided to do a photo-shoot without the wig. After discussing with several agencies, it was photographer Gerardo Garmendia who decided to capture her confidence and real beauty in his photographs.

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No Reason for Shame

When asked about what made her take this challenging step, she had very empowering message to share – “[At first] I didn’t feel confident enough to do a version without a wig,” she said, “but then I realized that I had no reason to be ashamed of the way I looked, I should be proud”.

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Real Beauty comes from positive attitude and confidence

You can look at the photographs below and see that real beauty comes from positive attitude and confidence. There is nothing sexier than a woman who loves herself.

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She didn't always feel confident

“Before chemotherapy, I had always been a confident person,” Salazar said. “So when my hair started to fall out, I would look in the mirror and I wouldn’t feel that confident about myself.”

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200 million likes

These photographs have received over 200 million likes and have gained lots of support and positive comments from people all over the world. She has become an inspiration for a lot of young girls out there who are not secure about their looks. Her decision to accept herself as brought in a lot of positivity into her life and has also motivated others to stop feeling low about themselves.

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Her message

Her message for the girls and women out there was - “I see all these little girls, and you can see it in their faces that they lose all confidence in themselves,” she added. “I want them to know that your hair or your physical attributes doesn’t define who you are—what really matters is your inner beauty, the way you treat others, and if you’re a kind person, that shows through.”