10 Times Pets Pulled Off The Whole Disguise Thing Better Than You

When it comes to dress-up parties and costume competitions, no one does it better than your pets. Part of it's because you have great taste, and part is that they are quite literally a humanly impossible level of cute.

#1 - This lion dressed as a Golden Retriev- wait a second…
Put a mane on your pup and be ready to scare some people out of their skin. Instant feline beast.


#2 - This cat who needs a bigger challenge than the fishbowl.
Put a cat in a slick-suit and he's ready for deep diving. How you go about getting your cat into this skin-tight costume is up to you- dress at your own risk.


#3 - This Boston Terrie who's taking the spider-dog to a whole new level.
All the dogs are dressing like spiders this year, but give one a stinger and you'll soon find out that scorpions are much scarier.


#4 - These Harry Potter Nerds.
No costume party is complete without the tale-tell scar and round-rimmed glasses.


#5 - This kitten with a batty alter-ego.
Put a pair of stretched leather wings on your kitten and you've got an instant little vampire.


#6 - This mini construction worker. Who knew there were costumes for mice?
A reflecting, neon-bright vest makes for the smallest construction worker you've ever seen.


#7 - This bunny who switched ears with a Disney icon.
How else would you disguise a bunny's ears than by covering them with even bigger ears


#8 - This innocent garden flower.
Turtle costume ideas are endless- a tank, a submarine, or a dainty pink flower.


#9 - This average cat dressed as a celebrity.
Everybody wants to be Hello Kitty and even though they don't admit it, your tabby is freaking out about this costume idea.


#10 - This smart pup who kept it cool and practical with a onsie.
Brilliant! I just wish I can find a matching onsie for my own recreational purposes.


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