Does Your Boyfriend Really Love You?

Does he love you, I wanna know. How can you tell if he loves you so? It can be hard wringing those three magic words from a boy's lips. It's a stereotype that guys don't like spreading their emotions, but sometimes, those stereotypes are true! If you find yourself dating a boy who just can't bring himself to say that he loves you, these signs might show you that he truly does really care.

#1 - He remembers important dates!

If you find your boyfriend remembering your anniversary or birthday without prompting him, it shows that those dates really have influenced him. If they care enough about those dates to memorize them, they must really be something!

#2 - He doesn't mind you taking up most of the bed.

It doesn't matter how big you are or how small you are compared to your boyfriend, you need your space to stretch out! If you find your boyfriend giving you that room, and not fighting back for it, he might just be a keeper.

#3 - He's Always Full of Surprises

It doesn't have to be grand gestures of love--just showing up occasionally with flowers or chocolates can be enough to prove that he's thinking about you. Those little things here and there prove that you're always on his mind.

#4 - He brings the romance.

It's not just about sex with you two. If your boyfriend spends time with you and treats you with respect and love, and doesn't just lead you to his bedroom, then you know that you have a real connection.

#5 - He's protective.

You don't necessarily want someone who's going to go beat up someone for talking to you or anything crazy like that--but a little bit of defense, even to his friends, makes you feel all warm inside.

#6 - A good-morning text

If he sends you a text in the morning when he wakes up, that means you're the first thing on his mind every day. That's a sure sign of deep feelings; he can't stop thinking about you!

#7 - He loves to cuddle

It's not just girls who love cuddling! If your boyfriend holds you close, snuggling and cuddling, you can tell that he actually loves you. Closeness is a great sign!

#8 - He's always there to help.

When you're down and out--maybe you're stressed, maybe you're sick, or maybe everything is just going terribly--your boyfriend is always there to provide a helping hand and a shoulder to lean on. Helping you out through the bad times, not just sharing the good, is a sign of true love.

#9 - He's proud of you.

He celebrates your successes, both big and small. He boasts about your accomplishments to his friends, and treats you like the star you are. That's a sign that he's with you all the way.

#10 - He's always happy to see you.

What is love, really? It's feeling great every time you're around someone. When he sees you, his eyes light up, and even the worst days become a little bit better. You bring a smile to his face under any condition. THAT'S a sign that he's head over heels for you.