10 Pictures That Will Make You Question What You Are Seeing

Have you ever had to do a double take on a picture to make sure you didn't see what you thought you saw? Below, we have the 10 photo that made us do just that. You won't believe what you see!

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She's been hitting the curls hard

She's been hitting the curls hard

This is what steroids and skipping leg day will do to you. Never. Skip. Leg. Day.

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Patiently waiting

He's waiting for you... This cat knows where you are going and is patiently waiting for your arrival. I bet he won't be so patient once the water goes on.

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Camouflage level 1000

Hard to see but that's the idea. This is one of the best camouflage suits we've come across.

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Stormtroopers like snow too

With the new Star Wars trailer just being released, the Stormtroopers are starting to come out of hiding again.

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This cat is taking camouflage to a whole new level with his best chameleon impression. I wonder if he will match other backgrounds?

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The demons are watching

Is this the beginning scene to another teen horror movie? Take a look at the demon mirror in the background.

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I am the night

When all hope is lost, there is only one that can save us. It's Batdog!

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Lending a hand

This girl just needed an extra hand. Apparently she needed an extra arm too. This makes posing for pictures with a drink a whole lot easier.

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Just follow my nose

You don't notice it until you see it...now you can't avoid it. Dr. House takes the phrase "right under my nose" to a whole new level.

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All whales go to heavan

Just your typical giant whale floating through the clouds. Nothing to see here.