Pictures That Only Teachers Will Truly Understand

Teachers have their own little bond; dealing with students every day is tough work! It's an honor to develop our brightest young minds, but you'll go crazy dealing with them on a day-to-day basis. Give a smile and a nod to the next teacher you meet; they might quietly be driven bonkers underneath.

#1 - Just a Little Bit Stressful

You think dealing with YOUR kids is hard. Try dealing with 30 of them. At the same time. Who want to be anywhere but your classroom. You'll be lucky if you only come out of there with a few wrinkles!

#2 - Summer Vacation!

In all honesty, summer vacation isn't all fun and games for teachers; a paycheck would be nice, too! Still, even as an adult, there's just something about the feeling of the last day of school--especially when you see your 9-to-5 friends missing a great day in July.

#3 - Every Disease Ever

Elementary school students be nasty, yo. Many don't wash their hands, and they get into everything. And every cold they get gets sent right into your face. Forget the apple, give your teacher some Sudafed.

#4 - "Helpful" students

They try so hard to be helpful, sometimes. And occasionally, they even succeed! Other times, it ends up more like, well, this. The ones who try to help the hardest are often the ones that cause the most issues themselves.

#5 - "Quiet" students.

It is never quiet. Quiet is not something that occurs. You sit there and wait, and just when you think it's ABOUT to be quiet, someone will laugh and it'll all start up again. You just gotta start talking and hope they eventually calm down enough to listen.

#6 - "Attentive" students

I honestly wonder why I bother giving directions some times. There are days when it feels like I have to go to each student, individually, and explain just what I just spend ten minutes trying to tell them earlier. Listen the first time, and maybe you wouldn't be so confused!

#7 - Standards exist for a reason

We can tell the difference between one-inch margins and 1.5-inch margins. We know when you've upped the text to 14-point font, and we know when you've tweaked the spacing settings. If yours is the one paper that looks different, we will notice.

#8 - Vanishing Pencils

There's no way kids are using these many pencils! They must be going to the same place all my socks go, and my loose change, and my sense of purpose in life.

#9 - But then, there are the little victories

Being a teacher can be tough work, with so much pressure and stress on a regular basis. Gotta take your wins where you can find them. After all, tomorrow is another school day!

#10 - Seating Chart Troubles

One day, we'll invent a program or something that can tell us the best way to seat students without worrying about chatting friends, obnoxious bullies or attentive dead zones. Until then, it's like disarming a minefield to find the best way to seat your students.