Eye-Rollingly Great Puns That Should Absolutely Not Be This Funny

Love puns? Then you'll find that this image collection is where everything is hap-pun-ing. Hate puns? Then I'll assume you were sent here for some pun-ishment. Either way, be prepared to laugh and groan through 10 hilariously terrible puns.

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Remember high school algebra?

Remember high school algebra?

My favorite puns are the ones you don't get for a minute, and then it hits you all at once. Thumbs up if you remember algebra, and FOIL, and...curses. FOILed again.

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Where's Waldo?

You know, I never thought of it like that before. I'll have to tell this one to Waldo, next time I see him. Now, where'd he go off to this time...

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Gross, but Accurate

This joke only works if you have poor hygiene and/or impulse control. I guess that's in your genes too, now that I think about it, so carry on.

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Cats in the Kitchen

Ugh. That one's so bad I think I'm in physical pain. Even the cat looks less than thrilled to be part of this. I think we all need to take a quick paws before continuing.

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And Now, the Weather

A Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs fan, or just someone who saw an opportunity and ran with it? They'd better come up with a followup pun, or else they'll just be a has-bean.

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Changing of the Seasons

This is not what they meant when they said April Showers bring May Flowers, you guys. Try to contain yourself a little bit. We'll get to the roots of this situation.

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Incoming Head Trauma

Punners tip: don't say a horrible pun while your significant other has a blunt instrument to hit you with. If you do, it'll have to be a great pun to avoid injury--try to really bamboo-zle them.

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Wait for it...wait for it...

Another math pun? These are really beginning to add up.

If it hasn't hit you yet, just think about it. Keep thinking. You'll get there, sooner or later.

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And in conclusion

An oldie, but a goodie, is the best note to end on. Did you find these puns enjoyable? Vote in the comments--you too can become a pun-dit. I'll stop now; all these jokes are making me quite pun-chable.

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More math and farming!

So many math related puns! It's almost like the more nerdy among us tend to tell the worst jokes. Who woulda thunk it? At least we're getting SOME use out of our high school math classes.