10 Dolls That Should Be Burned Immediately

Never was a doll person, never will be. Dolls are dainty little angels that should be handled gingerly and treated delicately? I don't know what dolls you're playing with, but it is my personal belief that these should be flung violently into an open flame.

1 / 10


This ginger doll from hell.
Little girls who play with this doll turn into freckled minions of Lucifer himself. Oh, red-headed children are adorable? I dare you to look into this one's eyes for 5 seconds straight.

2 / 10

This angelic little ba-NOPE.
Bald, bright-eyed and rosy-cheeked? How about gaunt, feverish, and hungry for your soul?

3 / 10

… that plastic, chilling glance.
Bleach blonde toddlers with bob-cuts and bangs may be cute, but their look-alike dolls want to inhale every fiber of joy from your trembling body.

4 / 10

This grinning nightmare.
A toothy grin that will steal the very marrow from deep inside your bones and turn your flesh to jelly.

5 / 10

This smiling demon.
Never in your life has a smile stolen your soul quite so literally as this one.

6 / 10

Nothing like the cold, lifeless gaze of a baby doll chillin' on your pillow.
There should be a reality show consisting of an isolated room, this doll, a million dollars, and a timer.

7 / 10

This doll is daring you to participate in a staring contest.
The catch? If he wins, he owns your first born child and in case you don't procreate, your soul. He's all about insurance.

8 / 10

This vintage heart-stopper.
I dare you to hug this one for a full minute, making sure its face is firmly pressed against your chest. Be especially aware that its eyes will be open and its teeth exposed.

9 / 10

This doll who might possibly be the preserved corpse of a toddler.
Just look at it. A blank gaze, forever frozen in stoic shock. The dusty curls, the glossy eyes…

10 / 10

This horrific antique.
Let's play a game of would-you-rather. Sleep beside an actual human skill or this adorably satanic baby doll.