Who Ever Came Up With These Marketing Techniques Reserves A Raise.

Most of us hate being marketed to; we don't want people telling us what to buy, we want to do it for ourselves! Occasionally, though, someone comes up with a clever way of advertising something that takes us by surprise, makes an impression and--most importantly--entertains us. Entertain us, and you can try to sell us anything you want! Here are ten of the best examples.

#1 - 80s Synth Cheese

Well played, Swedish grocery store. You just know I'm a sucker for 80s synth music and classic French cheeses, and never before have the two been brought together like this. You'll also like their specials on Lady in Red Leicester and I Stilton Haven't Found What I'm Looking For.

#2 - Decisions, Decisions

Sometimes in life, we find ourselves at a crossroads, with two paths to take. Each path will irrevocably alter our futures and set us on a new and unexpected journey. Rarely are they as conveniently signed as in this gas station, though.

#3 - Victorian i-Pads?

Now, maybe I'm misremembering, but I'm fairly certain iPads don't date back to the Victorian era. I'll just have to look that interesting factoid up here on my iPad--you can't take my screen away from me, even with your fanciest chalk.

#4 - Mother of Avacados

Have to take points off for not hand-drawing this one, and just using a printed out picture from the internets, but I always thought the dragon eggs on Game of Thrones looked a little like produce. Well done, grocery store clerk, well done.

#5 - This Bread rated TV-14

Kudos to whichever employee spent the time on this excellent rendition of Walter White's face. No truth to the rumors that Whole Foods is also offering a special on Better Call Salsa.

#6 - An artist at work

Whoever designed this lovely toilet paper dress for this mannequin needs to get out of the convenience store business and into an design studio, pronto. I can barely pick the stuff up without it ripping!

#7 - Movie Marketing

This is one you won't get unless you've seen The Martian, in which case, what you waiting for? Go out and see The Martian! Then come back and try not to think what these potatoes have been grown in.

#8 - The Internet is Leaking

When you see a meme like Grumpy Cat popping up in your local supermarket, you know the joke is just about dead. It's still enough to get a chuckle out of me as I go to buy my frozen peas, however.

#9 - Mega Meat

Now here's some ground chuck after my own heart--a ground meat display in the shape of Mega Man and Cut Man from the classic series of video games? Sign me right up. Dr. Light may have found a second job as a butcher, apparently.

#10 - There Be Dragons

Not every great advertising campaign references something else, though. These actually are called dragon fruit, and that's just a fantastic drawing of a dragon to go along with it. There must be something about working in a supermarket that drives people to mad attempts at creativity.